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Now with the capability to import mix information from various formulation platforms.

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Create Your
Own Feed Tags

  • Can be created independent of any mill formulation system

  • Create non-medicated feed labels

  • Create medicated feed labels
    • Extensive and detailed library of Type B & C clearances for all species
    • VFD feed tags with the required language

  • Follows AAFCO guidelines for commercial feed tags
    • The standard which most states follow

  • Create template feed tags and then copy to customize

  • Training is available in person or via webinar

Section-By-Section Instructions

  • Name & Purpose section
  • Guaranteed Analysis section
    • Active Drug Ingredient (if medicated)
    • Use AAFCO nutrient guarantee list
    • Create your own nutrient guarantee lists
  • Ingredients section
    • Full list of AAFCO approved ingredients
    • Utilize Collective Terms listing
    • Create your own ingredient lists
  • Use Directions section
    • Provide detailed feeding directions
  • Warnings & Cautions section
    • Automatic inclusion of warnings, & cautions with medicated feed tags
    • Flexibility to add additional caution statements
  • Manufacturer & Net Quantity section
    • Create multiple Manufactured By designations
    • Add product codes, lot codes, etc.

Save & Print in Multiple Formats

  • Generate 2-sided feed labels

  • Portrait or Landscape orientation

  • Multiple feed tags per page

  • Customize fonts & margins

  • Add graphics and company logos

  • View, save, and print as pdf document

  • Save as rtf document for tag printing software